Brett has been doing public education for over 20 years but started leading workshops in the BDSM community in the last few years. He leads workshops he wishes someone would have been teaching when he was younger in his kink journey.

While his community volunteerism is usually behind the scenes he has been involved in some more visible community projects, include curating the Education Through Voyeurism series for GLPW at the Blood, Sweat, and Queers Party at Seattle's Center for Sex Positive Culture, co-chairing the program committee for the 2013 KinkLINCS leadership conference in Seattle, and participating in the planning of the Leather Reign Conference since 2013.

Brett likes to find the edge of most anything that interests him. He is a zealot and has yet to find meaningfully fulfilling moderation.

Cat Maverick

CatMaverick is part of the Canadian invasion of the Voo!

I have been engaged in “this thing that we do” for more years than I care to count (15?). I’ve taught many of workshops locally including at: Lupercalia Edmonton, W3 (Wicked Women’s Weekend), MadHatter Play Parties, and AWOL (Alberta Women of Leather). I identify as a person of leather, and believe strongly in the virtues to which leather ascribes. I love traditional “leather” play including boots and cigars.

I am a playful sadist, and a classic “lazy top”. I delight in finding ways to cause intense pain with little effort. I truly love for needles and piercing scenes. I also enjoy straight razors, knives and swords. Other favorites include: sounding, fisting, predicaments, heavy body play, all kinds of impact and improvised play. I am known for being gleefully sadistic and rather "bitey/screamy". I’m a PRICK when I play and believe in informed consent, personal responsibility, and risk awareness. Once that is covered we can get down to truly fucking people up! Although I love medical play, I am not a medical professional. (I do sometimes play one in the dungeon).

No matter what the topic, I offer presentations with vibrant energy, sadistic humour, and shameless sexual innuendo.


Diana believes being kinky is a gift to be indulged in, not to feel ashamed of. Her greatest passions involve needles, hooks (fuck yes!!), blood, ritual, and CBT (those lovely squishy bits). She became involved in her local community a decade ago, and found a place among her people. She is a graduate of Leather Quest (formerly The Journeyman III Academy). She is a community and Leather Quest educator in both Utah and California. She continues to hold leadership positions within her home community, and is an educator and spiritual mentor. She teaches classes from the beginner to advanced level on a variety of subjects (but she is happiest if she can make someone bleed during a demo).

She has attended Fakir’s school of piercing, branding class, and the spirit+flesh intensive. She uses these skills to enhance her play, facilitate ritual healing, enact rites of passage, and perform energy work. She is always a student seeking out new experiences and knowledge, as well as a presenter passionate about sharing what she has learned.


Disciple has been a member of the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area kink scene for many years. Community and education is as important to him as kink play, which he demonstrates by volunteering at various San Francisco Bay Area dungeons and by presenting at conferences, fundraisers and college classrooms, including NWLC, Dark Odyssey, Leather Masters, Castro Street Fair, DomConLA & De Anza College to name a few.

Disciple is a current Associate Member of The 15 Association and the DMA (Dungeon Montor's Association). Formerly a co-host of the monthly San Jose Bound rope event, Disciple's current project is Leather & Service, an insight into S&M, Leather culture, principles, history and service.

He is honored to be one of four House Dominants in the newly formed San Francisco Leather Service Salon as well as co-instructor of the Dominance Dojo SF. He is privileged to serve as male Leather Marshal for the 2015 SF Pride parade's Leather contingent.

Outside of Kink, he's coached wrestling at the mid and high school level for 12 seasons and currently works as a paraprofessional with the autistic population. Disciple is a hot rod and motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys restoring classic cars, the Pacific Ocean, creating art & photography.


Elwood is a professionally trained and certified body piercer and body brander, scarification and suspension artist, and photographer. He was trained in San Francisco, California by Fakir Musafar, the father of the Modern Primitive and the man credited with bringing body piercing to the western world.

As an educator and body modification practitioner, Elwood is known for educating audiences on a variety of topics while displaying his humorous personality. He is acknowledged for his vast knowledge of the history of body modification and practical safety.

Elwood has presented numerous workshops surrounding body modification and alternative lifestyle topics around the globe. His commitment to advanced safety within the body mod industry has also led him to becoming an educator to the Simon Fraser Health Authority, Coastal Health Authority, The Canadian Institute of Professional Health Inspectors, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Elwood has also been featured on Television with appearances on Shaw’s “Urban Rush”, Discovery Channel’s “Skin Deep”, TLC’s “Human Canvas: Sacred Skin” and on MTV Canada’s “Select”. Elwood has also been featured in various print mediums and radio interviews.

Elwood is also the Executive Director of Edgewalkers, a non-profit organization centered around the practice and provision of body based ritual in a tribal and community setting. For more information about Edgewalkers, contact Elwood directly. He is always happy to answer any questions or concerns about any body modification topic at: or by calling or texting 604.836.5013.


Gearhead357 dove head first into the community when he realized that it was the perfect environment to not only play out his twisted fantasies but share them. He couldn’t have predicted that his early interest in martial arts which helped feed his violent imagination would have so many transferable skills. His love for learning and understanding all the great ways to break people fed his personal research into the human body.

Gearhead357’s passion for kink lead him to take any class he could get to throughout Canada and the U.S.. Through expanding his repertoire for violence, D/s, edge play and rope, this sadistic top is always growing.

Gearhead357 now uses all these resources and experience to educate and help others push the envelope making hot hotter! Between challenging himself in kink and organizing events in his local community, he has found himself in a position to be able to pass along his knowledge onto others in the most shocking way possible.


Guy is a Dominant and currently resides in the Portland, Oregon area. He found the BDSM scene in 1999 while living in the San Francisco Bay area and has been an avid public player ever since that first play party. His preference for play is impact and his love of teaching whips has led him to present lectures, demos and workshops for many groups around the country. He is a past President of The Portland Leather Alliance and is a founding Board member of The Dungeon Monitors Association.

Jonn Ireland

Jonn Ireland has been involved in the BDSM Community for fifteen years and a Whip, Spanking and Meditation Instructor for ten years. Personal erotic connection through Impact play is his specialty, and to help others learn his techniques, he has been giving personal instruction and conducting Whip and Spanking Workshops in both Canada the USA and Costa Rica for about fifteen years.

Although his main focus is teaching people to master Whip handling, sharing the seduction of touching the skin of a bare bottom and potentially bringing them to climax through spanking techniques, has inspired his Spanking Workshop.

The particular power exchange, control and precision required to use a Whip lured him into exploring in depth, the unique techniques of how to use a Whip in BDSM Scenes. Jonn discovered that with a good Whip, proper instruction and regular practice, most people are able to use a Whip in a Scene in a very short time. To develop a wide range of techniques and sharp accuracy however, requires more practice and personal instruction.

Lew Rubens

Experienced rigger and suspension artist, Lew Rubens has a love and passion of bondage that shows in his work. Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his website, A few years later made him an offer he couldn't resist and he began running for them from winter 2006, through spring 2008. Later moving into a "Bondage Consultant" position for the prestigious company. On his own again now, Lew has plans to revive as well as starting exciting new sites, and contracting his Bondage Consulting knowledge abroad. Lew has presented his workshops and demos of his unique style at many BDSM and bondage industry events throughout the US, Canada, Austria, Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Australia & Rome.

Lew Rubens Productions
Lew Rubens
Lewbari Store
Clips for Sale
Clips for Sale


Mech is a former EMT and Fire Chief who, through those jobs, taught many adults about safety and dealing with emergencies. He was trained how to teach adults and uses that knowledge now in his presentations. He plays on the outer edge of fire, and is also a rigger and an artistic rope enthusiast and a gifted mechanic with the mind of an engineer. He makes his own rope with a machine he built, and also has designed and crafted permanent, reusable rope dresses featuring decorative knots. His work is both highly creative and deeply perverted. He hosts a regular weekly learning and play evening in his home dungeon. He prides himself on meeting the challenge of dancing on the overlapping edges between danger and safety.

When Mech is at play, one need not go to an amusement park for a wild ride!


A self proclaimed pleasure activist and the founder of TellMia, Mia (aka nudegirl) runs a sex positive business selling erotic products and delivering sex and relationship workshops, coaching and education. A trained counselor and group facilitator, Mia has taken that skill base and combined it with her personal experience as a bottom to create a sub set of BDSM specific education. With taboo, erotic humiliation and consensual non-consent being the foundations of her kink, she strives to help debunk some of the misconceptions, and highlight the eroticism, around this type of play. Mia has been playing, and running events in the community for many years - informed by honest connections, community service and a desire to engage with like-minded deviants. She approaches kink with a healthy sense of humour, a touch of irreverence and a strong commitment to personal responsibility and integrity.


Leather has replaced religion for Ming. Rites of passage, Genuflection, and Acts of Attrition, Ming finds these are no longer hollow words for her, they are words that are alive and she can touch them and know them in her world….Her leather world is where she connects to the spirit through her rituals.

In her world,
Her dungeon is her sanctuary.
Her toys are sacred instruments.
Pain is her prayer.
She is honored to be
Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2014 and 2015

Her personal passion is conflict resolution and she would like to honor this title by offing conflict resolution skills and mediation to any person, or community that needs resolution for conflict. Please let her know how she can serve you.

Ming is a Master in a M/s relationship for 6 years and serving this community for 25 years, as teacher, healer, event producer, and durable plaything.

Miss Andie

Miss Andie identifies as a masochistic polyamarous slave with a strong Dominant side that she explores with her submissives, the A-Team! Humiliation play and D/s are passions for Miss Andie and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

It has been over fifteen years since Miss Andie began exploring kink and for many years she had a home in the Vancouver, BC community. Transplanted to Victoria she still attends many events in Vancouver and runs her own event, BENT, where edge play is encouraged and nurtured.

Miss Andie has taught at KinkFest in Portland, Renegade’s Rendezvous in Washington, Apex in Arizona, Sagacity in Victoria, ITW in Washington, MVK in Vancouver and more.

Miss BeccaBee

Miss Becca Bee is a quick witted, mean girl with a penchant for fighting dirty. As a poly, fat, top heavy switch, she gets into more than her fair share of trouble, but if you ask her, she never causes it- it finds her. She is a member of PDX Bootblacks (currently via Seattle), as well as Mama's Family as Mama's Gracious Bee, SEA-PAH, and South Sound Leather Alliance. A service loving Miss- who flags "Bitch" on the left and light yellow in either; her laugh can often be heard ringing out across the dungeon during play. She represented her state as the first Washington State Bootblack in 2014, and went on to compete for International Ms Bootblack in 2015, earning the Heart and Soul award and being "crowned" as the Queen of Leather by Sarge, IMsL 2015.

MizTee and cindi

MizTee & cindi (they can each be found by name on Fetlife) have presented several workshops for KinkFest, Paradise Unbound, Leatherwoods, HOWL, Portland Leather Alliance workshops, & at Munches & private events from Vancouver WA to Salem OR, ranging from energy exchanges to extreme edge play. They debuted A Touch Of Kink Tastings Tent at the 2015 inaugural of Renegade's Rendezvous.

They've served on the Boards & Committees of the Portland Leather Alliance, KinkFest, Leatherwoods, & Oregon Leather Pride, & have been volunteering in nearly every position for these & other Leather & kink organizations over the past decade.


Cigar smoker and enthusiast since 2003
Member of the Cigar Habanos Cigar Club based out Smokey Joes in Fife WA.
Tobacconist for Stogies and Hops in Mill Creek Washington.


Panderus has been in the lifestyle for over 25 years, and has been involved in the Vancouver BDSM scene since 2007. He has presented workshops in both Canada and the U.S., and believes that life should be a constant journey full of learning. To this end, he has taken intensive workshops from world-class instructors such as John Ireland, Team Fluffy, River Dark, Midori, Saki Kamijoo, Kinoko Hajime, and Peter Slemrian. His philosophy is that when it comes to play—or life in general—you need more than just technique. One needs artistry, playfulness, sensuality and passion to make your play satisfying to both your partner and yourself.

River Dark

River was born in Vancouver, Canada. She is a poly dyke Top/switch, a writer & an educator. River is trained as an actor, but currently expresses herself artistically by writing & reading porn, teaching workshops & by creating a scene.

River has been out as a pervert for almost 25 years & has been teaching since 2005. While some of her workshops teach physical skills, she is most interested in the mind as the seat of power. As a presenter she gathers her information from her experiences both bottoming & Topping, the people in her life, the scene she has watched, the workshops she attends & the research she does.

River is committed to creating engaging, fact-filled & thought-provoking experiences. It is her intention that every workshop bring something new to each participant — no matter what their level of experience — & that every workshop be dense with information, supportive of participants & fun to attend.

River Dark

Scott Smith

Scott Smith grew up in the Northwest and began exploring the facets of S&M at an early age. With his creative and rather deviant mind, he enthusiastically developed his techniques of bondage and suspension from his experience with nautical and high angle rope work. The powerful physical interactions that became the hallmark of his S&M activities were initially necessities for various activities including white water rafting, scuba, climbing, and paramedical rescue.

Scott brings a distinct intensity and passion to the ebb and flow of learning, teaching and actualizing S&M. A believer that the magic of BDSM comes through the connection of the participants, his workshops develop and nurture that connection; while maintaining a decidedly sadistic edginess.
Starting in the early 90's, Scott has presented countless workshops and seminars throughout North America and abroad for organizations large and small. Scott is internationally known for his rope work, connection, and edge play workshops.

Having received a number of awards, Scott is incredibly honored to be a recipient of the Chicago Hellfire Club’s Caligula award.

Scott may be contacted through his email: or his
web site:

Sir Doug

Sir Doug has had an interest in leather since the first time he walked down Polk Street in San Francisco in 1980 and saw his first Leathermen. He entered the U.S. Army in 1981 and has served as both enlisted and an officer. His time in the military has had a deep influence on his approach to leather and this, combined with his background as a college instructor in history, has lead to an appreciation for traditions, rituals, and protocols and how they influence culture. He does not believe these elements in leather should be seen or used in a way that is limiting, forces conformity, or stifles creativity but as a means to add a depth and richness to any Master and slave dynamic. In 2008, he served as Southwest Leather Sir. He is also one of the founders of the South Sound Leather Alliance, and a contributing writer for the leather blog, The Sacred Dance. Sir Doug has presented numerous classes and worships on a wide variety of topics involving the Leather and Kink lifestyles. His leather family is currently made up of his husband (Sir Will), his boy Paul and his slave Robert.

TG & Griff

Together as a couple since 2010, Griff and Tattoo Goddess have worked to facilitate the spirituality component of BDSM with workshops and classes featuring needle play, energy play, scene dynamics and fire walking to name a few. They enjoy living a sex positive life and are active in our local scene.

TG and Griff love to travel and meet other like-minded folks and have had the honor of presenting/facilitating in Canada at:

Kinky Karnaval Winnipeg 2011
Prairie BDSM Winnipeg 2012, 2013
Fall From Grace Brandon 2013
The Boutique Winnipeg 2013,2014,2015
Edgewalkers Winnipeg 2014
Lupercalia Edmonton 2015
Edgewalkers Winnipeg 2015

In the US at:
Maui kink Maui 2011
Fetfest 2012 Maryland
Paradise Unbound Seattle 2013, 2014
Leather and Leis in Hawaii 2012,2013,2014.
Fusion Dark Odyssey 2015
Sin in the City 2016

Team Soup

Polar and nephesh are known for a play style and workshops that lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, bare-handed impact, whips and blood play to name a few. They strive to bring humor, sexuality and passion into their brutality.

Polar and nephesh are active in the local kink community of Vancouver Island and have offered workshops throughout Canada and the US. They love the opportunity to meet and learn from other perverts.

The Lady Jodi

The Lady Jodi has been a bedrock member of the Leather community since 2000 when she helped to found Utah Power Exchange. She is a graduate of the Journeyman III Academy, and was her class’s valedictorian. In 2004, she established the Wasatch Academy for the Refinement of Ladies and Gentlemen of Leather—a finishing school for kinky adults wishing to pursue excellence—and has been it’s devoted Headmistress for the past 12 years. In 2011 she was the driving force behind organizing the Utah Chapter of the National Leather Association, and is once more its elected President—the first to be elected twice. She has repeatedly and unfailingly opened her home and her heart to anyone eager to learn from her, and winner of the Jan Lyon award from NLA-I. Jodi is also the NLA-I Domestic Violence Project representative for the western United States.

Jodi is a self-described “Sadistic Slave” and revels in being a service top for those who can withstand her… imaginative attentions. Her appetites include high protocol, corsetry, and a variety of medical scenes involving piercing, suturing, and copious bloodletting. For most, Jodi is a nightmare dressed like a daydream. She is a renowned national presenter and keynote speaker on various aspects of Power Exchange, Leather, and BDSM.

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